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Chiropractor Point Pleasant NJ Scott White

Dr Scott White / in practice for 23 years / went to high school at the Jersey Shore, inborn hyper sense for health and wellness; started making “health shakes” at age 10 with; Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink, raw eggs, brewers yeast, vegetables. A passion for healthful nutrition has persisted to this day. Started weight training at age 12 and has continued without interruption to the present.

Always felt uncomfortable with the administration of unnatural chemicals (pharmaceuticals) for the sake of health restoration; has taken less medications in his lifetime than many people take in one month.

After enduring many collegiate majors at multiple universities he discovered what he knew to be his calling; chiropractic. For Dr. Scott, being a chiropractor is living in fulfillment of what he was designed to be. In addition to his beautiful daughter Raena his purpose as a chiropractor is a primary fuel in his life engine.

Align with Design Chiropractic is the culmination of a lifetime of wellness living blended with a high level education at Life University in Atlanta Georgia and ongoing and incessant personal research in all areas of thinking, feeling and healing by design.


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